Peak One Pool & Spa Repairs

With over 15 years of experience with Boulder Pool & Spa repairs there is very little we haven't seen. Our response time is second to none and our Boulder technicians are trained to quickly diagnose the issue and set to work in resolving the problem in a time frame that is consistent with our high customer service standards. Our Pool and Spa Services will beat your expectations.

Pool & Spa Cover Repair

This consists of both automatic and manual covers. There are many variations of pool and spa covers out there. As a result, depending on what type of cover you have, there may be a variety of different issues that could be the problem. Our technicians are trained and have experience with all types of covers to find the problem and solution quickly.

Pump Replacement and/or Repair

Often when a pump has an issue or has ceased working, it is just a part that is the problem (ie. motor). Rather than just suggesting you replace the entire pump which can be expensive, we will take the extra time to see if the pump can be salvaged by replacing the part that has the issue – thereby potentially saving you a little money and hopefully earning your trust and continued business.

Heater Replacement and/or Repair

As is the case with pumps, many things can be the cause of the pool/spa heaters not functioning. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and if possible simply repair or replace the part that has ceased working.

Auto Feed Solutions

Auto feeds are a terrific solution for both commercial and residential pool/spa owners who value and understand that a healthy pool/spa makes for a safe and overall great swimming experience. Our technicians have much experience in installing, maintaining and training you on these helpful devices.

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  • "Ted did a great job of being flexible, prompt and professional. We found a leak in the tub and he was understanding of my financial situation.  I would definitely recommend his service to others."

    - Brad P., Arvada